Monday, 1 October 2012

Unconditional coffee love never looked so good!

Oh Monday, Monday why for art thou such a carrier of wrath upon us? Coffee anyone? Yes PLEASE! And more than ever with a machine that looks as good as this quirky and fun contraption designed by the talented Arvid Hausser who is still just a student at the Bauhaus University in Weimar.

I love this crazy design. I want this product attached to one of my big white walls at home. Let me quickly run you through the thoughts behind the design. The espresso machine is made out of porcelain very simply because porcelain has qualities such as high thermal storage, neutrality in taste and an antiseptic surface, making the material ideal for use in the food and beverage context. It being attached to the wall only means more kitchen bench space to prepare delicious, nutella-covered, crunchy baguette loafs! Enjoy, and may your Monday pass quickly...

Source - mocoloco
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  1. mother of the pearl01 October, 2012

    yes please, would love one

  2. biseragondevska01 October, 2012

    Yeeeay! Commenting works for all. Thank you gorgeous mother of pearl :)

  3. Waow, je te la pique pour une pige Nespresso...

  4. biseragondevska02 October, 2012

    With pleasure Eric. I'll keep my eye out for other juicy stuff that might help you ;)