Monday, 1 October 2012

Styled to perfection

Femke Pastijn is a Dutch interior design, styling & concept group. I fell upon their collections recently and fell in love with every single one of them. My only question posed, which one do I share first??

The below chosen collection is called 'Second Hand'. Using everyday, existing objects Femke Pastijn have given every one of these objects a sense of life, almost an air of personification, and a clear & defined role with regard to the other objects within the frame.

In the second image down, I love the tension between the milk and the blender, softened only by the pot acting as peace-maker... or the almost surrealist effect of the mini chair, or is it more-so the giant shoe, in the fourth image down? I'll let you decide. In any case, I do hope you enjoy the composition and the perfection with which Femke Pastijn have styled their frames. I'll be sure to post more of their inspiring collections in the future.

Source & styling - femkepastijn
Photography - Dana van Leeuwen 
And just because Monday's are a little tough and design always makes us feel that little bit better, feel free to experience some well-deserved stolen moments amongst the gems on my Pinterest.


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