Friday, 30 October 2015

Architectural short stories by Matthias Jung

Wow! These are by far some of the most impressive images I've come by in terms of rethinking architecture beyond what we see and know of everyday buildings. Imagined and created by German-based graphic designer Matthias Jung, these beautiful creations are comprised of photo material that the designer collects and re-arranges in unexpected ways.

He calls his works 'Architectural short stories', and they really, really are just that! Short stories are often quirky, with unexpected endings, or sometimes no ending at all, leaving us feeling a bit confused and often annoyed because we didn't quite get the 'moral' of the story, or understand what happened. The story didn't finish as we'd hoped, and we feel like a door has been slammed in our face. But despite this, there's a quirkiness and daring to short stories that we love. Short stories float way up high above the norm of what we expect to read and flirt with new concepts and ideas, often ones we would never have found ourselves contemplating. It's like an invigorating dip in the cold ocean for our brain.

So Jung is so spot on by calling this particular work 'Architectural short stories'. These images so throw us out there, well off centre. Like no buildings we've ever seen before, Jung's work asks us to step outside of what we know, so as to dream, smile and dare imagine what a world of such buildings would be like. It's so crazy and convoluted, yet the way the settings have been comprised, it looks so real and tangible. I personally would love a world with such amazingly rich, layered and unique architecture. And now, as I wrap up this post and look over the images again and again and again, I'm genuinely a little sad because I realise that they are only images and not buildings I can explore in the real world...      


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Images - matthias jung