Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Perfection, hidden in a Melbourne warehouse loft

In the swanky Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, The Design Files (one of the trendiest of trendy blogs) have gotten the low-down on the gloriously stunning loft apartment of John Parker. Parker, a high-end furniture trader and now the director and founder of Melbourne's Format Furniture, has probably spent years of, not only rubbing shoulders with, but also influencing some of the best designers in the world... all the while capturing all there is to know about the most desired furniture styles and trends. This has clearly paved some cobbles in the way towards the distinctive character that adorns his beautiful loft home. 

The space is sensational! A world beyond our world, an escape whereby coming home would be the highlight of any day and any further detachment sourly viewed upon. The Daily Files have likened the space to that of the land of Peter Pan. I agree completely! The rainbow of perfectly matched colours, the fearlessness of the vastly different yet complimenting trends, and the beautiful simplicity behind the tower of books or the mischievous cactus, invites an attraction that is gloriously and overwhelmingly welcome. Moreover, and what I find most magnetic about the space, is the light streaming in and the overall element of fun that, together, emancipate the soul and the eye.

Source - thedesignfiles
Photography - Sean Fennessy
Further apartment inspiration available on my Pinterest.

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