Sunday, 14 October 2012

Tantalising tangerine

What better way to inject a spice of creative inspiration to a rainy Paris day than by sprinkling a feast of deliciously designed interiors, all using accents of luscious tangerine and peach hues. I am so inspired by the below interiors, each one quite unique, funky and edgy in its own way. The juxtaposition of surfaces and moods is what attracts me the most. I feel my creativity thriving when I see the marriage of rough, rugged concrete surfaces softened by the touch of soft pastel oranges, or the delicious colour of a chair accented by the repetition of its very colour by a simple book, pillow or trimming detail, nonchalantly added within the same space. Hope you enjoy this little refreshing Sunday dose of bright and happy inspiration to fulfill the end of the weekend and prepare for a creative week ahead!

Source - Pinterest


  1. Is it a dutch designer? Just looking at those orange should be a sign !

  2. biseragondevska15 October, 2012

    Hey Manu, thanks for stopping by, I'm flattered. You know, unfortunately I actually don't have all the designer names, but I did look back through my Pinterest links and dug up some of the info. I didn't actually pin-point any Dutch designers, but you're right, they're often fabulous!!

    What I can confidently tell you though is that the beautiful bike image is taken by Swedish photographer Henrik Bonnevier (, and the funky orange chair shot (the last pic above) is by the the talented bunch Jackson Interiors, based in Melbourne ( And if I can fish-out some more info I'll let you know ;)

    Thank you for your support!!!