Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Interior photography at its most succulent

I'm currently riding on a very, very cool wind coming in from the north. More precisely, I'm coming across an inspiring wave of talented stylists, designers and photographers from some of the coolest design hubs in the world, the Netherlands & Scandinavia. So, meet Jeroen-van-der-Spek, he is an AMAZING Dutch photographer and he does interiors all too seductively well. I'm not sure words are needed, his below photography speaks volumes.

I just love the way he captures the faded tones, his idyllic compositions, the sense of a vintage rustic ruggedness momentarily taking me back to some old world simplicity. I love the importance given to simple second plan objects such as ropes and slippers, and pencils and books strewn across the floor. I want to own these spaces, I want to posses them and be snuggled inside them...

I just opened my window here in Paris to air the apartment and a wonderful, almost snow-smelling, lightly chilly wind blew through my hair. Winter is on its way, the north is descending, I think this was the perfect post for the day...

Source - 79 ideas
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  1. mother of the pearl03 October, 2012

    Des photos merveilleuses

  2. biseragondevska03 October, 2012

    Je trouve aussi!! Super contente qu'elles te plaises ;)