Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Philippe Starck Mama Shelter

No, the Philippe Starck designed Mama Shelter in Marseille, France, doesn't exactly house mamas, but rather it's a hotel that welcomes guests in such a manner that they feel like they're at their mama's house, in other words, homey, relaxed, fun and laid-back. But it's not your traditional mama either. There is nothing old-fashioned about this place. The establishment boasts a high-level of design and aesthetic at every nook and turn of the space.

Based on a very successful concept already in full swing in Paris, the Marseille Mama Shelter was recently opened in the city's Cours Julien district, a district with a high and lively urban vibe, edgy young fashion influence, a selection of funky concert halls and very French-like terraces speckled along the beaches of France's world famous south-east coastline.

The Mama's space aims at telling a unique story, one that celebrates the culture and uniqueness of  wonderful cities and treasured travels, but one that doesn't dwell on the past, rather paves out a new future, new beginnings. What I find most inspiring is the extensive thought to all dimensions, no surface is left untreated and yet everything seems to work together, from the fun chalk-adorned ceilings and  quirky, unique furniture where chairs' legs are longer than they need to be, to the selection of the fun blow-up swimming aids decorating the bar. Very simply, this unique getaway gives off an incredibly eclectic & creative dimension that inspires and motivates from the first step within this wonderland.    

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