Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sculpture born from a marriage of forms

I chose this post because when I laid eyes on Nicole Cherubini's work I was immediately drawn to it. Then as I was studying it and contemplating what I liked about it, I wasn't sure anymore what exactly I wanted to say about it. Then I bumbled over it further and could absolutely not go without posting it, so then I decided I did like it, I liked it very much, there was definitely something magnetic that I couldn't let go of.

But decide for yourself. Below is a selection of her work that has graced exhibitions across the US, notably in NYC. I personally love the colour, the daring use of rich colour at that, as well as the splashes and drips of paint as though the touch was a mere accident. Then there are forms and shapes that I can't quite make out, nor relate to, compositions that I like overall but find the execution not quite refined, my emotions are not played on... But then, so what?! Did Nicole aim for refined? Probably not. But what her work does embody is a confident presence, a true impact, it's edgy, bold and has a distinct & unique presence.

For more great art, ranging from crazy, edgy, colourful, through to minimalistic, do swing by my Pinterest.      

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