Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sheer & sexy vintage class

Amazingly seductive furniture grabs my attention and lifts my creative spirit at the wink of an eye, and this very experience certainly didn't pass me unnoticed when I came across the handcrafted gems of beauty by American furniture company BDDW. I'm in love. 

The soft fabrics, the touch of regal character, and the embodiment of a time gone by that lie in every line, stitch and curve of these immaculate pieces, simply put me at rest on the spot. My eyes can dance over each piece, from one to the next, with sheer joy.

I find the photography of these pieces equally as seductive. The styling and composition of each shot shows a level of care that whispers attention to detail in an angelic voice. I love the inclusion of small flower pots, sexy flooring, exquisite lighting, and pendant mirrors (also designed by BDDW), as props to compliment the furniture's soft yet firm beauty. I'm taken away to another world, a world that was, where soft violin music plays while I sip on a Hendrick's... 

Source - BDDW
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