Thursday, 27 September 2012

Whispers on a canvas

I think the title of this post embodies what I think of this wonderful, soft, non-intrusive yet inspiring work. It is no secret that I'm a minimalist addict and I recently came across the below AO Collection via my Pinterest, which I immediately wanted to share on my blog. The work is magic, such a light presence on canvas that you may walk by it the first time your paths cross, but once you notice it, it is delectable, a whole world of detail on such a small and soft scale. Despite its simplicity I feel that the artist laboured over the pieces for hours, with delicately porcelain hands. 

Not only is the work seductive but the AO site is really very funky. The site mostly concentrates on the beautiful work and shares little information about the artists*, so I'm sorry I can't give you more here. But I do know that the work is mixed media on canvas and have shared a couple of in-situe examples below to give you an idea of scale.

*Additional information added 21 March 2013: The artist behind this collection is Ayşen Orhon. You can discover more of her work in a more recent the post titled Timid, sophisticated beauty by Ayşen Orhon.

You can find more of the artist's fabulous work at - aysen orhon, ao collectioninstagrampinterest

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