Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Product design to help you nap at work... really!

Ok, this veers slightly from the interiors and photography I generally like to post, but I had to do it. I absolutely love the concept, and the pics make me giggle.

Meet the Ostrich Pillow, a product design that is currently looking for support via Kickstarter, it helps you snooze anywhere during the day so that you can sneak in power naps. The idea is quite cute, and the concept of having holes to put your paws in so they are warm while you snooze is adorable. I want one, even though I'm not quite sure my work type will allow me these precious moments tucked away in the Ostrich Pillow.

The product designers are actually Studio Banana Things and are currently collecting support and donations on Kickstarter for this very project. They have 22 days left to reach their goal and in turn realise their project on a mass scale. You can give them you support here, or simply browse for creative inspiration. There is a plethora of creative projects to jog inspiration.

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