Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Embarking on a design blog

Finally, after what feels like years, I'm embarking on my own personal blog. Yeeeeay. So why now? Well, I've recently fallen head over heels in love with Pinterest and want to be able to explore great design even further. Fresh design absolutely liberates my soul and I want to share this with others who find design as exhilarating and emancipating as I do.

So, welcome!! To kick-start things here is some breathtaking furniture from NORR11. NORR11 offers amazing Scandinavian high-design furniture and home accessories. I personally love the sheer simplicity of the furniture designs, and the rugged mix of smooth and fragile textures with that of surfaces that are rougher and heavier in character. The photography is also impressive.

And if you are hungry for more great design ideas you can find loads more inspirational pics from a wide range of  fresh young designers on my Pinterest page.

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