Friday, 21 September 2012

Tasting wine just got a whole lot more beautiful

A heaven for discovering some of the best wine and champagnes has been created in Sao Paulo. The Mistral bar, designed by Studio Arthur Casas architects, boasts design worthy of a small opera auditorium. The wine-tasting facility was well known for its vast collection of some of the best wines and to affirm its uniqueness it embarked on the incredible interior upgrade that we see below.

The space, originally long, deep and high ceilinged, was exploited by the architects to create a journey for the visitor. The visitor curves their path around gloss angled walls which are softly lit, and in which each bottle is displayed as a precious and unique object. Individual raw wooden slats adorn the height of the space. Despite their height the slats are given a light floating characteristic through soft light accents at the junction of slats and ceiling. At the end of the curved path is the tasting bar.

I love this space because attention to detail is given at every step of the way, the way each bottle is displayed with its label towards the viewer, the table foot angles reflecting the lines of the high ceiling shapes and curves, the information guides and booklets neatly wedged in between the slats that run down to meet the floor...

Source: knstrct

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