Friday, 28 September 2012

Paris apartment dreaming, with Paola Navone

Everything about Paris that exudes immaculate design and sheer inspiration, I love. So I absolutely had to share my recent apartment find with you, that of eclectic Italian designer Paola Navone. This woman is amazing. With an incredible career behind her and having lived in various countries in the world, not to mention travelling extensively, her Paris apartment is an embodiment of all that has inspired her over her incredible journey.

Enter her loft and you're in another world. Every colour compliments the one next to it, every texture is executed to perfection, and no surface goes untreated. The overall feeling is one of magic! We see clear tones and accents influenced by her years in Hong Kong as well as notions of Morocco. There is also a certain childlike approach to many of the apartment's design aspects, such as the marriage of tiny lamps with those that are clearly oversized, and designer chairs from various styles coming together like the perfect orchestra. Oh, and the garden of the makeshift tall, yellow poppies in the living room... ecstasy! What an imagination!!

I wholeheartedly love this space and find this woman is a true inspiration. I do hope you'll enjoy it equally as much...

Source - Sharedesign (originally from Casa Vogue & Cote Maison)
Photography - Jean-Marc Palisse
For more glorious apartment pics you can lose yourself in my Pinterest pages, you may particularly like perusing the Inspiring Spaces folder. 



  1. rue du chat qui peche11 October, 2013

    Love this post! thanks for sharing...

    check out my post on Paola Navone's work in Trello.

  2. biseragondevska12 October, 2013

    Great post Nadia, the pics are excellent. Thanks for sharing. And I love your blog!!