Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Paper pearls

Bianca Chang is a designer and artist based in Sydney, Australia. I started to come across her work earlier this year and since then I keep seeing her amazing paper art again and again, and each creation is just as breathtaking as the previous. I remember my paper manipulation days at uni while studying Interior Architecture, making models of every interior, of every nook, every edge and every designer bolt, painstakingly slicing and gluing all the elements together. Sometimes I found myself spending nights just holding two delicate pieces together because the glue needed 4 hours to dry my perfect design at the perfect 65° angle. All that to simply point out that working with paper is damn difficult.

So how Bianca does it I don't know, but it's beautiful; the attention to detail, the clean scalpel slices alongside each paper edge, the assembly of perfect dimensions, and all while not leaving one suspicious fingerprint on the silky paper finish. Below I share with you four of her projects, PeaksTwinDot, and Letter O

I personally love her minimalist style and find that all her projects are inspiring. Her full collection can be found here.

And if you enjoy losing yourself in the simplicity of minimalism as much as I do, you can feed your design hunger on my Pinterest page. There is a folder dedicated to minimalism called Simple is Beautiful.


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    1. Hey Stace, sorry for late reply, in fact thought I had. Am still perfecting blog technical stuff :)
      Yes, gorgeous indeed! She's fabulous and I'll definitely feature Bianca's work again.
      And thank you for being the first to comment!