Tuesday 25 September 2012

A bike becomes a design lamp

Transfo Design is a young company in Barcelona transforming & recycling used objects to create new and funky objects, everything from furniture, to floor materials and lamps. Here below I present you with my favourite of their work for the moment, 'bike becomes lamp'. It's incredible!! Look at the beauty and simplicity of the lamp from a distance, with its rugged and edgy attitude, and then from closer-up only to see the clearly defined 'what-used-to-be-a-bike-tyre' details.

The Transfo Design team is led by partners Nada and Faku and is currently quite successfully breaking through the design scenes in Barcelona. I absolutely love their work & love, love, love the concept by which they work. Will without a doubt be sharing more of their work with you in posts to come.

Thank you Elena for this wonderful gem of a lead.
More on Transfo Design and their work here.
More gorgeous design pics via my Pinterest

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