Friday, 8 March 2013

The true master of abstract colour, Yago Hortal

WOW!! What a vibrant splash of life and love in these pieces by Spanish artist Yago Hortal. I've never seen anything so alive, so real and so present on a mere canvas. Yago Hortal is my new master of abstraction and colour. The deliciously thick brush strokes are so tempting to touch and the choice of colours is so madly, yet perfectly, mixed and applied.

The most exciting thing is how Hortal's work simply jumps at you off the canvas, what control the artist seems to have over the paint. I don't feel that he used a brush, I have the impression that he formed the waves of colour with his hands. His art begins to look like sculpture and more than just thick, beautifully applied paint. I love his work because it affects all my senses. If a painting could make you hungry in a greedy kind of way, than this does that to me. The juiciness of the succulent treatment of  the paint gives me the impression that the bright shiny medium is still somewhat wet and teasing me to touch it. I want to dig my fingers into the texture and feel the sensation of the bright colours.

And the beautiful, ordered chaos! What a world Hortal has created. My eye jumps hungrily and too excitedly over the colours, shapes and textures. I have a desire for his work not unlike the desire to devoir delicious lollies in a sweets shop.

Images courtesy of - yago hortal

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