Monday, 4 February 2013

Delicious eye candy - Anish Kapoor at Sydney's MCA!

I've been sharing lots of great things, photos, images, art and exhibitions that I've come across in Paris, but 'yikes!' does ravishing Sydney have a feast of cultural deliciousness to offer! I recently went to see the work of one of my favourite artists, Anish Kapoor, and did so right here in my hometown of Sydney. The exhibition is an absolute must-see and it is housed in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney's Circular Quay, or MCA for short. 

Just getting there is an amazing experience... walking down the quay and lapping up the sunshine while watching the mild harbour waves slap the shore and sway the ferries. I stopped for an amazingly delicious and well-deserved coffee at the museum's cafe terrace before heading inside to enjoy the show, which runs through to April of this year. For the depth and breadth and 'wow' moments that the  exhibition has to offer, tickets are very fairly priced at $20AUD.

I was, honestly, very taken aback by the simplicity, depth of colour and intrigue in Kapoor's work. I adore the way he uses beautifully opulent and abundant saturated colour to create optical illusions that hide soft curves... or do they?? One is never quite sure of the depth of any curve, nor the limits of any shape. The tension of wanting to desperately touch the exquisite work and its rich colour is almost tear-jurkingly painful, although I promise no finger print of mine will be found... I resisted!

I'm such a fan of straight lines and simplicity and rarely find curves indulgent, but I absolutely melt when I see the seductive curves of Anish Kapoor's work. I urge all who are lucky enough to be Sydney to go along. Below you'll find some pics I took myself. Enjoy!!


  1. Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, very inspiring indeed. Hope you have time to check it out... and look forward to catching up very soon :)

  3. thanks for share....