Sunday, 2 December 2012

Fresh and fearless fashion fun!

It's funny how sometimes we meet people we least expect to cross our paths. It's in this uncanny, quite unplanned way that I very recently met the very creative stylist/artist Camille Herry. Quickly falling into a conversation about design and art, a subject clearly close to both our hearts, she tells me a little bit about a project that she is undertaking with a group of friends, a group, I'm soon to find out, made up of very talented young artists, photographers and designers. 

Their project is called Isormagazine, an online magazine depicting different fashion and photography studies, each based on quite clear and researched concepts... and the work is simply mind-blowing, a concoction of daring and exciting concepts that leave you wanting more. If this young team have such guts and imaginations now, how exciting to think what they can achieve further down the track as they grow and sharpen their artistic pallets. 

Based in Paris and made up of a team of seven the Isormagazine talent pool is absolutely fearless. I'm taken by their work because there are no reigns holding them back in their exploration of themes such as femininity, sexual expression, tenderness, perspective, colour and sheer crazy, yet controlled, fun. Isormagazine is surely a website to keep checking back at. 

Images courtesy of - isormagazine

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